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FeetMe has created smart inner insoles that provide gait analysis in real time. Some diabetic patients lose sensivity and have ulcers that can lead to amputations, FeetMe insoles can help to monitor pressure to avoid ulcers. FeetMe is expanding into a unique platform to provide clinical solutions or clinical solutions through connected insoles and gait analysis. Connect your smart insoles via Bluetooth to any smart phone for real-time analytics on your movements.

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What makes us unique?

high resolution

High Resolution

FeetMe insoles contain eighty pressure sensors and measures at 100Hz. With both high spatial and temporal resolution, FeetMe insoles let you visualise a detailed pressure map. Without this accuracy, it would be impossible to clearly understand the dynamical plantar pressure.


Thanks to an ergonomic and intuitive software, users can find relevant data and react early enough to easily deal with potential issues. Without being intrusive, FeetMe insoles help building a better comprehension of the problem.

anytime anywhere

Anytime, Anywhere

FeetMe insoles are designed for a convenient daily use as they perfectly fit in the shoes. The electronic device is entirely incorporated and fully autonomous with its long battery life.


FeetMe understands that all disease-related data should be kept personal and is committed to guarantee the privacy of each user.

Walk like never before

Discover the products

discover the products

Feetme One

We want to disrupt the diabetic patient’s life with state-of-the-art technology that can monitor plantar pressure in real time.


Diabetes has an annual growth rate of 8% and neuropathy is among the most virulent complications of that chronic disease. Its main effect is a loss of sensitivity in the feet, which can lead to ulcers and ultimately to amputations.

This disease leads to 1,5 million diabetics requiring amputations every year across the world, 100,000 in the US only. The OECD has estimated it to cost €38 billion per year across the world. A comprehensive foot-care strategy combining education, prevention, multidisciplinary therapeutic management and close monitoring could reduce the amputation rate by up to 85%.

Our insoles are intended for daily use, as they are comfortable and ergonomic shoe insoles, and the patient will be warned instantly if a change in the plantar pressure is detected. The insoles will also help the doctor to know where within and when to examine the feet.

Feetme Diagnosis

FeetMe develops a smart connected insole that can measure reliable data and transmit them wirelessly to a device.


Plantar pressure measurements are used today in a variety of clinical situations by health professionals: post-surgery biomechanical assessment, intra-operative assessment, orthotics design and assessment of drop-foot surgery.

In addition to clinical applications, podobarography continues to be used in laboratories to understand the mechanisms governing human gait and posture.

FeetMe One is certified as a medical device with the CE mark. FeetMe One is certified ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.

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Feetme One is easy to use. It fits in any shoe, is thin and flexible and offers a bluetooth connection. Plus, all the electronics is embedded in the insole !

Thanks to the high spatial resolution of eighty sensors evenly positioned and to the high temporal resolution of 100 Hz, Feetme One insole is effective and accurate.

Feetme One allows dynamic and static analysis.


A dedicated smartphone App to collect data anywhere, anytime. You can easily transfer data to your computer through wireless connectivity.


Feetme One Podiatrist computes various dynamic parameters, including peak pressure maps, pressure-time integral maps, center of pressure movement and variability, the Lateral Medial Force Index, the walking symmetry and a temporal gait analysis.

Feetme One Podiatrist also includes static analysis metrics like the center of gravity position, the velocity and the acceleration, the surface and the length of displacement, the confidence ellipse, ANO2X and ANO2Y, the Romberg Ratio and finally the Fourier’s analysis.

FeetMe is working on providing the best metrics for sport and performance analysis.

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