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Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetes as an annual growth rate of 8% and neuropathy is among the most virulent complications of that chronic disease. Its main effect is a loss of sensitivity in the feet, which can lead to ulcers and eventually to amputations.

Major Consequences

Major Consequences

This disease leads to the amputation of 600,000 diabetics every year across the world, 100,000 in the US only. The OECD has estimated it to €38 billion per year in the world.

Improve prevention


A comprehensive foot-care strategy combining education, prevention, multidisciplinary therapeutic management and close monitoring could reduce the amputation rate up to 85%.

What's our solution ?

FeetMe develops an insole made of pressure sensors, connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone or a computer.

We want to disrupt the restraints in diabetic patients’ life, by replacing the defective sense with an alternative technology which can provide the plantar pressure in real time.

Our insoles are dedicated to a daily use : by using them as classic insoles, the patient will be warned instantly if a change of plantar pressure is detected.

The insoles will also allow clinicians to make a quick plantar pressure diagnosis in less than 5 minutes.

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What makes us unique ?

High Resolution

With over a hundred pressure sensors, FeetMe insoles enable to visualize a detailed pressure map of the feet. Without this precision it would be impossible to prevent a wound early enough.



Thanks to an ergonomic and intuitive software, patients can react early enough and easily deal with potential danger. Without being intrusive, FeetMe insoles help building a better comprehension of the issue.


Anytime, Anywhere

FeetMe insoles are designed for a convenient daily use as they perfectly fit in the shoes. The electronic device is entirely incorporated and fully autonomous with its long life battery.



FeetMe understands that every disease-related data should be kept personal and is committed to guarantee the privacy of each patient.

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